Why Jennifer Aniston's "Furious" with Cameron Diaz

The buzz is that Jennifer Aniston has accused Cameron Diaz of stealing her role – and her men!
Tuesday , 17 July 2012
Cam’s unapologetic about her success and Jen’s threatened by Cam’s looks and sense of humour
Cam’s unapologetic about her success and Jen’s threatened by Cam’s looks and sense of humour
Hunky model Paul dated both Jen and Cam!
Hunky model Paul dated both Jen and Cam!
Jen’s not happy with Justin and Cam’s relationship
Jen’s not happy with Justin and Cam’s relationship
Another shared love – John Mayer
Another shared love – John Mayer

They’re both middle-aged, outdoorsy actresses with a penchant for comedy, so it’s no surprise that competition between Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston would come to a head eventually. Jen, 43, is apparently furious with Cam, 39, for “stealing” a leading role she felt should’ve been hers in the Cohen brothers remake of Sixties heist comedy Gambit.

“Jen believed that Cameron stole this part from her, plain and simple,” an inside source revealed to Star magazine. “Jen spent the better part of five years campaigning for the role of PJ, a beautiful but nutty rodeo queen. But she took too long deliberating over the terms and in swooped Cam. Now Cam is getting rave reviews, and it’s really bugging Jen.”

Cam's a Triple Threat
It’s not the first time the two leading ladies have been at war – they’ve been rivals for years, going after the same men, with Jen apparently seeing Cam as her ultimate threat.

“Jen is very insecure about her looks, but her sense of humour is the one thing that she can always fall back on when she’s comparing herself to other women,” a pal dished. “When Brad left her, it always made her feel better when friends would say, ‘Angelina’s not funny, there is no way she can make him laugh the way you did.’ But Cam has the looks, the body and the sense of humour.”

Jen’s very concerned about her boyfriend Justin Theroux’s relationship with Cam, who starred with him in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle in 2003.

“Cameron and Justin have been friends for years, and it really irks Jen because Justin always describes Cam as ‘adorable’ – which is the same word he often uses to describe Jen!” revealed the insider.

Chasing the Same Men!
Justin isn’t the only man to have caused animosity between the two – they’ve been romantically linked with not one but four or the same men!

In 2007, Jennifer had a brief fling with British model Paul Sculfor, before the two split and Cam moved in just a month later. Back then, Jen’s continued attempts to win Paul back after he got together with Cam caused major tension.

“Cameron is telling people that she’s annoyed that Jen’s still texting Paul. She hopes Jennifer will get the message and back off,” a source said.

Their romance rivalry continued in 2008, when Jennifer dated singer John Mayer less than two years after he and Cam were “all over each other” during a relationship that only lasted a few months. The two women have also both been linked to Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper.

Who would you back in a cat-fight between Jen and Cam? We reckon with moves like she showed off in Charlie’s Angels, we wouldn’t want to cross feisty Cameron!

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