Why Gwyneth Paltrow's in Awe of Miranda Kerr

Gwyneth Paltrow gets dishing on "abronmally" pretty Miranda Kerr
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow
We see what Gwyneth sees in Miranda
We see what Gwyneth sees in Miranda

Go figure, Gwyneth Paltrow thinks it would be weird to look like Miranda Kerr.

Gwyneth - who was crowned the World's Most Beautiful Woman by People magazine recently - admits she asked the Australian supermodel if it is strange to be "that pretty" at the Met Gala in New York on Monday (6 May).

The 40-year-old star told Entertainment Tonight: "I was like, 'Is it weird to be that pretty?' And she was like, 'No.'"

Gwyneth also named the 30-year-old former Victoria's Secret Angel the best-dressed celebrity at the star-studded event.

She said: "She was wearing a black Michael Kors dress that was sort of like a sparkling bandeau, and her whole stomach was showing. It was really beautiful. It was a little punk-y. She's just so pretty, it's abnormal."

The actress - who has daughter, Apple, eight, and son, Moses, seven, with her husband Chris Martin - recently beat off stiff competition from the likes of Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lawrence, Pink and Halle Berry to receive the annual honour of being named the world's most attractive woman.

But she previously insisted that if people could see her at home in her casual clothes they wouldn't think she was so beautiful.

She said: "Around the house, I'm in jeans and a T-shirt. I don't really wear make-up."

If she ever does opt for glamour at home then her rocker husband will make fun of her.

She added: "He'll make a joke about it. If I've gotten fully dressed up, he'll be like, 'Oh, wow! You're Gwyneth Paltrow!' Because he's used to seeing me in like baggy shorts and frizzy hair."

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