Why Brooklyn Decker Scares Men

Brooklyn Decker thinks men find her scary because she is so tall
Why Brooklyn Decker Scares Men
Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker thinks men find her scary. The model-turned-actress - who is married to tennis player Andy Roddick - says she was never really approached by guys before she tied the knot as she thinks she's too tall for most of them.

She said: ''I am very tall and I feel like it is actually quite scary to boys. And I really mean that. I never get approached by people - I think they are scared because they think I will crush them or something.''

However, she says Andy wasn't put off by her height and his persistence paid off, revealing: ''He was resilient. He called a lot, which deterred me at first, and then for some reason it worked when I called him back. And yeah, it worked.''

Brooklyn also says when it comes to men, a sense of humour is very important.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''I think fearlessness is incredibly attractive. At times troubled, because it can be risky, but incredibly attractive. I think humour is important. Someone who can make you laugh - that's the upmost thing in a man.''

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