Why beauty bloggers are going CRAZY over these brushes

What is dry brushing and does it really work? We give you the lowdown…
ByIsobel Forester-BennettThursday , 13 July 2017
Why beauty bloggers are going CRAZY over these brushes
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So, the newest beauty trend of the moment is dry brushing. From Instagram to Pinterest, bloggers seem to be raving about this new brushing technique. But does it really work?

First things first, what is dry brushing?

It is exactly as it sounds, dry brushing is the process of brushing your dry skin with a rough brush. Using a dry thistle brush (not synthetic) start at the tops of the feet and brush in long motions all the way up the body. No water or products needed! Spend extra time brushing  problem areas, just be careful not to be too rough on the skin. Shower, moisturize - et voila!

Err…why would I want to do that?

Although is may be a slightly uncomfortable technique it has a wide range of benefits. It apaprently helps to reduce cellulite, unclog pores, promote lymphatic drainage to encourage detoxification and provides stress relief. Not to mention exfoliating all of those dead skin cells we tend to forget about!

Here a couple of thistle dry brushes we recommend:

This long handle dry body brush (Dhs129) is great to reach those stubborn areas! Whilst the dry body brush (Dhs89) is great for an all over exfoliate!

Beauty is pain, right girls?

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