Why Are We So Obsessed With Celebuspawns?

Alexandria Gouveia gets to the root of her fascination with famous offspring
Tuesday , 26 April 2011
Why Are We So Obsessed With Celebuspawns?
Suri Cruise

As an adult woman it may shock you when I say I’m not a huge fan of children. I don’t hate them, I just don’t find them interesting and would rather spend my day watching reruns of Dirty Dancing than babysitting – don’t ask why, but this film and me have ‘previous’.  So I was as surprised as anyone to discover I love celebrity kids. And I’m not the only one.

There is something about celebrity kids that has us all talking by the water cooler. I know should Suri Cruise ever be kidnapped I will immediately be sending out wanted posters bearing the face of my close pal who has an obsession with the spawn of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. I won’t name names but she is a well-respected journalist who, to the average bystander, is normal. So why is she captivated? Neither she nor I have the faintest, but she just thinks Suri’s interesting. She loves how the five-year-old has a multi-million dollar wardrobe, finds it fascinating that she wears high heels and has custom-made Christian Louboutins.  

I, on the other hand, find her a little self-indulgent – perhaps that’s a little harsh because she is, after all, just a kid – but I love Shiloh. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s tomboy is hilarious. She shaves off the hair of her sister Zahara’s Barbie dolls and she brandishes a wooden sword on family jaunts. And we’ve all seen the proud look in daddy’s eye too when she’s around – Shiloh is sooo Brad Pitt’s fave. She’s mine too.

Though of late Nahla, Halle Berry and French model Gabriel Aubry’s daughter, has also been appearing more in Ahlan! and not just because of the famous, and oh-so-public feud between her parents. She is just so cute.

Ask even those largely disinterested in common or garden children and you can guarantee they will have their own favourite celeb spawn. Why the sudden obsession with celebrity children? It’s because they too are stars. Put something, anything, in the public eye for too long and people get hooked, start forming opinions and then exchange their thoughts with others and –boom! – a new obsession is born. So, the question now is: Who’s your favourite?