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Why Are Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton Being Targeted?

15 Jan 2017

Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton are being awarded honours for their achievements, but the public’s criticism will keep their egos in check

They’re two of the most famous women in the United Kingdom, with announcements made last week that both Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton are having prestigious honours bestowed upon them. Spice Girl-turned-fashion-designer Victoria is set to receive an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II, while K-Midd has been granted a lifetime membership to an elite and ancient photography society. However, the achievements of both ladies have left others irked, with members of the British government publicly bashing Victoria, and social-media users accusing the Duchess of Cambridge of using her connections rather than her photography skills to secure her spot in the posh Royal Photographic Society.

Beckham Gets Bashed!

It was announced last week that Victoria is to receive an OBE from the Queen for her charity work, as well as her contribution to the fashion world. The designer will be joining an exclusive list of people honoured with the title – an Officer of the Order of the British Empire – which includes her husband David, who received one for his sporting achievements back in 2003.

However, instead of being able to revel in the good news, mother-of-four Victoria has found herself being accused of breaching official protocol. The 42-year-old is said to have revealed the exciting news of her OBE to her friends and family, before the official announcement of the list of people set to receive OBEs was made public on 30 December. Victoria is said to have spilled the secret over the Christmas period, which resulted in it being leaked. A source close to the star said that she was “delighted and humbled for the recognition” and continued: “Victoria is incredibly proud of the fashion brand she has built and ever thankful for her amazing team.”

As a result of the premature announcement of Vic’s OBE, two members of the British government have publicly hit out at her. Tory MP Peter Bone said: “It’s certainly a betrayal of etiquette; it is just not done. To get an honour is extremely important and it might well be for a very good reason, but you just don’t leak it. Full stop.” Another politician questioned Victoria’s entitlement to the honour from the Queen – which is given to British people who have made an exceptional contribution to society. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen accused Posh of “discrediting” the honours system, saying: “It would appear to be a breach of protocol and perhaps raises questions over her suitability that she has leaked her own nomination.”

Victoria is being honoured for her hugely popular eponymous fashion line set up in 2008, which boasts a large celebrity fan base. She even designed the wedding dress for the nuptials of her best friend, Eva Longoria, last year. Along with her domineering presence in the fashion world, Vic’s charity work also got the seal of approval. In 2014 she was named a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and has since made numerous trips overseas to impoverished areas to raise awareness.

Why Are Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton Being Targeted?

Kate’s Called Out

Another famous face being targeted is Kate Middleton. She regularly shuns famous photographers in favour of taking her own pictures of her children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And now Kate Middleton’s efforts as a budding photographer are being acknowledged, as she’s been given an honorary lifetime membership to the prestigious Royal Photographic Society, (which was established in 1853), as a result of her “talent and enthusiasm” behind the camera.

However, while the Duchess of Cambridge, 34, is said to be “very pleased” with the accolade, others are not so happy with the Royal receiving such treatment. Social-media users took to the internet to express their opinions, tweeting that Kate “probably knows someone” in the society, and that it’s her royal connections not her photography skills that have landed her the honour. Others questioned why someone less fortunate wasn’t given a free membership and pointed out that, as the future Queen of England, Kate could easily afford the membership fee. One user even joked that teenager and amateur photographer Brooklyn Beckham would be following in Kate’s footsteps, saying: “I’m sure that an honorary membership for that other genius with a camera, Brooklyn Beckham, won’t be far behind.”

Kate’s love of photography has been well documented throughout the years. She broke tradition by snapping the first official photograph of little Princess Charlotte in 2015, and of Prince George on his first day of nursery. The world cooed over the shots of the young royals, but not all of Kate’s photographic ventures have been so well received. Holiday snaps and images she has taken on royal tours that have been posted to her website earned mixed reviews for their creativity and skill level. We’re just hoping that the backlash doesn’t mean we’ll see fewer pictures of George and Charlotte in the future.