Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Who's Kristen Stewart Linked To Now?

23 Oct 2012

Additional rumoured infidelities exposed even as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart indulge in some serious PDA!

It’s official – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are together again! On 17 October, the pair were spotted indulging in some serious PDA and a smooch – their first public kiss not on a film set – at Kristen’s new home which is conveniently located five minutes away from their old love nest. Prior to this, the pair were snapped together three days in a row, at Chateau Marmont on 14 October, then at Ye Rustin Inn on the 15th, and finally at Mexican restaurant Casita Del Campo with friends on 16 October! A source at the restaurant told gossip site X17 Online, “Kristen was in a great mood and she and Rob were acting like nothing had ever happened. They looked just like the couple we’ve always known — it’s like they had never even broken up. They were so cute together.”

But before you go thinking it’s all forgiven and forgotten, there’s a twist. It’s been revealed that Rupert Sanders probably wasn’t Kristen’s first fling! A US tabloid reported that K-Stew cheated on R-Patz throughout their relationship. An insider told the mag, “When they first got together, she was going back and forth between Rob and her ex-boyfriend Michael Angarano. Eventually she did end it completely with Michael, but it went on for a lot longer than Rob ever knew.”

The source goes on to hint that Kristen’s Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner was more than just a friend. “Not very many people know how close they really got,” the spy revealed, adding that she often lied to Rob about hanging out with Taylor. The source then claimed, “When she worked on Welcome to the Rileys, she had a full-on fling with one of the production assistants. Luckily the guy had a girlfriend, so he was just as paranoid as she was and they kept it pretty well hidden.” Shocker! Plus, only last month Kristen was spotted flirting with James Franco at the Toronto International Film Festival. Tread with caution, Rob!

Kristen’s Many Men

Michael Angarano
Kristen dumped Michael for Rob but there was reportedly an overlap between them!

Taylor Lautner
Good friends but rumoured to have been involved in a love triangle with Robsten!

Rupert Sanders
Confirmed affair during the filming of Snow White and the Huntsman!

James Franco
Flirt-fest in September at the Toronto International Film Festival!