Who's angry at Lily?

Poor Miss Allen's not smiling now...
Thursday , 06 March 2008
Who's angry at Lily?

LILY ALLEN has angered organisers of the Isle Of Wight festival after cancelling a scheduled appearance due to "recording commitments".
The Smile singer was due to perform at the event later this year (Jun08), but has pulled out of the gig because her second album is reportedly behind schedule.
John Giddings, the festival's promoter, reveals Allen was added to the festival line-up in November last year, and has called the cancellation "unacceptable".
He says, "I didn't book a record, I booked an artist. I read in the tabloids a load of different reasons (for the cancellation).
"Unfortunately this country has developed some great new girl singer-songwriters, but they seem to be having a few problems don't they?"
But Giddings has vowed not to replace the singer, and will instead use the money earmarked for Allen's fee to make the festival more eco-friendly.
He adds, "If you read what Radiohead say, that they're only going to play events in future that are properly ecologically sound, then I'd rather use the money to do that and make the audience experience better, than just book another group."
The Isle Of Wight festival will run from 13-15 June (08).