Who Should Guy Date Next?

29 Oct 2008
By Ahlanlive.com

Now he's split from Madonna, we used name-compatibility technology to reveal which A-list bachelorette Guy Ritchie, 40, would be better off hooking up with...

Renee Zellweger

Exes:Jim Carrey, Jack White and George Clooney
Type:Creative, not that bothered about looks.

Could it work?
Possibly. They’ve both mellowed with age, but jealous Guy could resent her bff George.

Compatibility rating:25%

Mischa Barton

Exes:Brandon Davies, Cisco Adler
Type:LA wasters.

Could it work?
Mischa needs a career injection, so if Guy can do for her what he did for Madonna in swept away… oh.

Compatibility rating:

Naomi Campbell

Exes:Joaquin Cortes, Adam Clayton, Robert De Niro
Type:Larger-than-life, A-list characters.

Could it work?
Guy is well used to excessive diva demands, so taming this lady should be a cinch!

Compatibility rating:77%

Kate Hudson

Exes:Chris Robinson, Justin Timberlake, Owen Wilson
Type:Only A-listers need apply.

Could it work?
Well why not?! This one’s dated everyone other eligible man in Hollywood…

Compatibility rating:85%

Sadie Frost

Exes:Gary Kemp, Jude Law
Type:Pretty boys.

Could it work?
They’re both London-based and family-orientated, but Sadie’s pretentious chums could irritate Guy.

Compatibility rating: