Who’s the Daddy?

12 Jun 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Can you match these little cuties with their celebrity fathers?

Cutie 1
My daddy’s got three children but I’m the youngest. He’s a big T’Town star and he even came to Dubai once for work. He’s never found a mission impossible and used to be married to another big star before he met my mum.

Cutie 2
My daddy is a singer and my mummy is an actress. When my mummy’s daddy died, my daddy wrote a song for her to make her feel better. We live in London, with my little brother, but my daddy travels a lot with his band.

Cutie 3
My daddy’s pretty nifty on the football pitch and he’s played for the biggest teams in the world. He’s married to my mum, who used to be a pop star. She’s a fashion designer now. Daddy likes fashion too, he’s even got his own range of underwear.

Cutie 4
My daddy is an actor but he first became famous when he won an Oscar for writing a story with his best friend. He met my actress mummy when he was being a bit of a daredevil at work and they married soon after and had three kids.

Cutie 5
My daddy doesn’t seem to have a job but he does have a lot of nice suits. I have lots of famous aunties and my grandma gave them all names starting with the same letter. I don’t know why.

Cutie 6
My daddy used to be a prince but now he’s more of a man. In black. Recently, a man tried to smooch him in Moscow. He didn’t like it. My mum didn’t either. She’s an actress and I’m an actor now too but I’m still just a kid.

Cutie 7
My daddy is a singer, at least I think he is. He met my mummy in the jungle and they fell in love and had me and my sister. They don’t live together anymore but I still spend a lot of time with my dad. As well as his singing, my daddy is known for his muscular body. He also likes mysterious girls.

Cutie 8
My daddy is an actor and he met my mummy when they made a film together. They’re getting married soon, which we’re all very excited about. I have five brothers and sisters and we all travel with mummy and daddy when they’re working.

The Daddies
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