Eek! White nightclub in Jeddah shuts down on its opening night

18 Jun 2019

Authorities said it “had not been licensed”

White, the Dubai and Beirut licensed nightclub, was shutdown on the night of its launch in Jeddah because authorities said it did not have a proper permit. Oh. 

The alcohol-free and 'halal' version of White was supposed to be headlined by American artist Ne-Yo, but the event was stopped before he could reach the venue on June 13. Ne-Yo took to Instagram to apologise to his fans and audience who had been waiting at the club's grand opening.


The Saudi General Authority for Entertainment said in a tweet that the venue broke some major rules, explaining the license extension was “taken advantage” of and created “unacceptable violations.” 

A day before the launch of the event, videos on social media went viral of a woman explaining the set-up of the club, which included a “halal bar” and shisha that ranged from 370 to 500 Saudi riyals (Dhs 362 to Dhs 490), which got the attention of the GEA. The Authority confirmed that they will be investigating the issue straight away. 

The 'White' brand is owned by Dubai-based Addmind Hospitality Group, which runs venues like rooftop lounge Iris and Drai’s beach club. 

Addmind is yet to comment.