Which Orange is the New Black actress gave her child up for adoption?

New memoir reveals shock revelation. Find out who here!
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 15 April 2015
Which Orange is the New Black actress gave her child up for adoption?
The cast of Orange is the New Black

Actress Kate Mulgrew has revealed she gave a child up for adoption in her early 20s because she felt she was too young to become a mum.

The Orange Is the New Black star, who plays Red in the hit series, has detailed the heartbreak of discovering she was with child at 22 in her first memoir, titled Born With Teeth, revealing she fell pregnant by a man she met while performing at the American Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, Connecticut. Kate was adamant on keeping their unborn child, even offering her own mother money to hire a nanny while she took on acting gigs.

However, her mum, who had recently lost her other daughter to cancer, suggested Kate put the baby up for adoption since she didn't feel she was fit enough to care for a new baby. Kate was appearing on U.S. soap opera Ryan's Hope at the time of her pregnancy and returned to work just three days after giving birth. Two decades later, she received a call from her daughter, and the two connected for the first time since she gave her up for adoption.

Kate's Born With Teeth hit bookshelves this week. Sounds like an interesting read! 

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