Where Was Giuliana Rancic at the SAG Awards?

Fans were in uproar over Rancic missing the red carpet
Monday , 26 January 2015
Where Was Giuliana Rancic at the SAG Awards?
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MIA: Giuliana Rancic was missing from the SAG Awards red carpet

As the world watched the most beautiful women strut along the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Award one woman was conspicuous by her absence – Giuliana Rancic.

The popular E! News reporter was expected to be there doing what she does best, finding out what designer gowns were being worn and delving deep into the psyche of the nominees. However, this year the 40-year-old was missing in action, along with her usual partner in crime Ryan Seacrest, and her fans were up in arms about it.

One fan tweeted: “'Where is #RyanSeacrest & #GiulianaRancic, miss them, they do the best red carpet, not thrilled so far,” as another posted: “Oh my goodness, #GiulianaRancic and #RyanSeacrest aren't on this red carpet.” Their replacements, TV personalities Maria Menounos, Ross Mathews and Kelly Osbourne, were not at all well received with viewers actively slating their performances. “Did you ever think anyone would make you miss Giuliana Rancic? My husband speaks the truth,” said one viewer as more chimed in on Twitter. “We miss you on the red carpet Giuliana! The interviews are so awkward. It isn’t the same without you.” An especially biting blow for Menounos came on Instagram from one user writing: “Maria is an amateur and her awkward questions and long pauses only serve to highlight what a pro Giuliana is.”

One reason Mrs Rancic may have missed out on the big night is because of the backlash she received after attending the Golden Globes earlier this month. The mother-of-one was targeted by online trolls who claimed she was “skin and bones” and was “in need of a good meal”. The abuse, which included her being cruelly labelled Giuliana Rancid, could have led to the Fashion Police host taking a break from the spotlight until she feels comfortable on the red carpet again.

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