Where To Get A Celeb-Approved (Almost) Pain-Free Wax In Dubai

The "comfortable" wax is reportedly Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham's go-to hair removal method
ByTeam Ahlan!Wednesday , 11 July 2018
Where To Get A Celeb-Approved (Almost) Pain-Free Wax In Dubai

Rumour has it that the silky, smooth hairless legs of Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow can be attributed to their obsession with Lycon Wax. Ahlan! sat down with Lycon’s founder Lydia Jordane, who was in the UAE to launch Pinkini, the new waxing range for intimate areas, to discover how she turned her own embarrassing experience at high school into a multi-million dollar waxing empire with a super-devoted celebrity following.

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Lydia Jordane, founder of Lycon Wax

My hairy legs embarrassed me…
“I migrated to Australia with my parents in 1964, from Macedonia, when I was 14. Upon arrival in Australia, I was immediately enrolled into an all-girls high school, where part of the uniform was thick black stockings during the winter months. When spring came just three months after I got to Australia, the uniform changed to short white socks, so legs were on show and I was shocked to discover that I was the only hairy girl in school.”

I turned to wax cause I hated shaving…
“I didn’t understand why women would shave with the resulting prickly hair regrowth and having to shave again in just a few days. I actually found a book in the library that had a wax formula, which I copied and set out to try to make it up myself.”

Initially I made wax for my own salon…
“Ten years later, I became a beauty therapist and I started to use my wax on my clients. Other salons were interested in buying the wax from me, so I sold it to a few in Brisbane. In time I got orders from around Australia and now, 40 years later, Lycon is exported to 70 countries and growing annually.”

Why Lycon is so different from other waxes…
“There are many different types of wax in the Lycon range, which have many special benefits. They are a very low temperature, which makes them very comfortable for the skin and they can be reapplied on the same area at least five times without the client feeling any discomfort or heat from the wax. They remove hair as short as 1mm, too.”

Make sure you use special wax for intimate areas…
“The Pinkini Hybrid Hot Wax by Lycon is a blend of the Lycon traditional pine resin formula and their synthetic resin wax LyconTec. It is a very good blend of two formulas that has created a wax that is more pliable, easier to work with as it does not break and is super gentle on the skin. It is also a very beautiful pink and smells amazing!”

INFO: Lycon is available at salons throughout the UAE including Pastels Salon, Sisters Beauty Lounge, The Nail Pavillion and Essa Beauty – all of whom have therapists that were awarded the Lycon Star Therapist award by Lydia during her trip to the UAE.

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