Where Are All The Shawarma Shops?

29 Mar 2017

141 outlets have been closed in Dubai alone

There's nothing like a hot, garlic and pickle loaded shawarma on a cheat day, or well, any day!

It's a staple arab meal, paired with a chilled can of Coke, one almost everyone in Dubai enjoys. Everyone except the Food Safety Department.

In a crackdown on hygiene, 141 shawarma shops in Dubai have been shut down for failing to comply with recently introduced hygiene requirements, which is almost 25% of the outlets in the city.

The municipality had imposed 29 new conditions for the preparation and sale of shawarma in food establishments, and gave them six months to implement these new requirements.

Of the 573 shawarma outlets in Dubai, 425 were fund to be compliant with hygiene rules, while seven were in the process of applying for the requirements reports Khaleej Times.

Sultan Ali Al Tahir, Head of Food Inspection Section in the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality, pointed out that the new requirements were imposed due to the fact that certain establishments were preparing shawarma in unhealthy conditions. He stressed on the fact that the different components required to assemble the arab delicacy such as meat, poultry, vegetables and sauces, all require special conditions for storage.

We're glad these new regulations have been enforced! Aren't you?

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