When To Work Out

11 Mar 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

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Wake up, Workout!

Research suggests that working out before work when the mind is well-rested, is more beneficial than exercising after work. The reason? Post-work stress makes people perceive their evening workout to be more demanding that it actually is, preventing them from exercising vigorously – which could lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. Looks like Anna Wintour’s daily 5am tennis matches could be the secret to her success!

Trendy and Bendy

Yogalates? So yesterday! Getting supple celeb-style, has just got much more exciting. Reese Witherspoon keeps in shape with YogaHop, a fusion of classic yoga moves to the latest hip hop beats. And Hilary Duff keeps her body buff with Piloxing – a mix of pilates and boxing techniques – while Hollywood fitness fanatics are all following Yollet, a combination of classical ballet and yoga poses, which promises lithe, ballerina-esque limbs. We’ll keep you posted when the classes arrive in Dubai.

Say What?!

“I allow myself one really bad day a week when I can have all the cupcakes and whatever else I want to have. And the rest of the week, I just try to be really sensible about it.”

Beauty and brains, we’re loving Jennifer Love Hewitt’s approach to healthy eating.

Snack Attack!

According to a new study, different types of exercise triggers specific food cravings. A dip in the pool can leave us desperate for high-fat foods, pumping iron makes us crave carbs, while running makes you hanker after watery fruit and veg, like melon and cucumber.

SPF Green

Eating leafy green veg is known for its anti-cancer health benefits, and now scientists are developing a sunscreen derived from the protective compounds in broccoli and spinach.

Blogger or Blubber?

Want to see your weightloss results step up a gear? Keep an online food diary. Log onto www.aolhealth.com/food-diaryand chart your progress with the website’s new personalised weightloss tool, which monitors your daily fruit and veg intake, calorie intake and daily exercise, all at the click of a mouse.

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