When Do You Need to Buy New Trainers?

Find out from an expert if they need to be thrown away after a particular number of miles
Is it time to say buh-bye?
Is it time to say buh-bye?
Omar Al Duri
Omar Al Duri

Q My friend said I need to throw my trainers away after so many miles. They look fine so is this right? Emma
A.  When it comes to trainers, it’s not so much about how they look, but how the trainers feel. The ultimate goal of a well designed and constructed shoe is to promote injury free and comfortable movement. Normally a running shoe can be expected to last 350 miles, an aftermarket insole should last through every other shoe purchase, and a custom orthotic should last at least two years. I would recommend Asics or Brooks as they can deal with outdoor or indoor training and last quite a long time in respect to other big fancy colourful brands. – OMAR.

Omar Al-Duri, BSc Sports Science and Education, voted SHAPE’s Personal Trainer of the Year 2011.

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