When Ahlan! Partied With Leo DiCaprio in the Maldives

Ever dream of being stuck on an island with an A-list celebrity? That's exactly what happened to us...
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 09 August 2017
When Ahlan! Partied With Leo DiCaprio in the Maldives
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Leonardo DiCaprio

Here at Ahlan! we’re no strangers to the stars. One of the best perks of our job is meeting and interviewing celebrities. But actually spending a day with an Oscar winner on a tiny island? That’s certainly a first for us. So we couldn’t believe our luck when Leonardo DiCaprio gate-crashed our recent trip to the Maldives.

Team Ahlan! was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the Summer Lovin’ Beach Festival hosted by 1OAK at the luxurious Finolhu resort in the Maldives. We were promised a variety of top DJs and a performance by Robin Thicke (who never showed up), but we never expected Leonardo DiCaprio to swing by. Oh, did we mention Tobey Maguire was also there? Sadly Tobey decided to keep a low profile during his visit, so we didn’t get to hang out with him.

On Saturday 29 July, we headed to Finolhu’s exclusive Fish & Crab shack restaurant, which is practically located on a sandbank at the very end of the island – basically in the middle of nowhere. It’s reachable by boat or a 20-minute walk along a narrow sand path. While we opted for a boat to the restaurant (it was a hot day, ok?), Leo decided to walk there. 

Leo sat down at the table behind us, where he had lunch and enjoyed some drinks with the 1OAK crew and their extensive posse, which consisted mainly of Victoria’s Secrets models. It’s no secret Leo loves being surrounded by models, but this was insane (in fact, there were too many of them to count). At one point we were even swimming next to Leo in the azure waters of the Maldives, where he played volleyball with his mates.

Well, kind of. Leo isn’t a fan of selfies, so we had to improvise, because we’re paparazzo like that.

Later that night, 1OAK hosted a party in the bar, which Leo attended. He seemed relaxed, and mingled around the dance floor, despite being offered a VIP section on the upper level. We even spotted him chatting away to a shocked honeymoon couple, who couldn’t believe their luck. At one point, one of his friends offered to introduce us to him. “Where are you from?” he asked. To avoid sounding boring with a ‘UK’ or ‘South Africa’, we answered “Dubai!” We went on to congratulate him on the $30million he raised at a recent event for his foundation, to which he replied, “Thanks, sweetie”. After that we tried to keep it cool and just nodded during conversation, for fear of perhaps blurting out something awkward.

It gets better. In the early hours of the morning, everyone, Leo included, decided to jump into the pool. We then jumped in too, obviously. At that point we realised we were floating in water, in the dark, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, and all of our teenage Titanic film memories came rushing back. It was at that moment we decided to yell out “NEVER LET GO, JACK!” (which is exactly what we meant by ‘blurting out something awkward’). Much to our relief, Leo and his friends all thought it was hilarious and had a proper LOL. We then decided to call it a night, before we started singing the Wolf of Wall Street chest-beat song.

He kept on partying till around 7am or so the next morning at one of his friend’s hotel villas, before taking the private seaplane back to his room at Amilla Fushi. He’s clearly got a lot more stamina than we do. 

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