A wheelchair bound tourist went skydiving in Dubai

A wheelchair bound tourist went skydiving in Dubai

20 Nov 2019

Pahalisha Kalliyath had the jump of a lifetime...

A brave, wheelchair bound Indian national recently did something that he could tick off his bucket list – skydiving!

Pahalisha Kalliyath gracefully hopped off a plane at 13,000 feet. He didn’t let his spinal cord injury stop him.

Kalliyath, hailing from Kozhikode, Kerala was on a business trip to Dubai, where he decided to take the joyous leap.

The businessman injured himself in an accident during his early college years. Before the accident, Kalliyath was a well-known boxer in Idukki, Kerala.

He loved the experience, falling in love with the breathtaking view from the sky. It is Kalliyath’s second attempt in skydiving. He previously tried, but wasn't able to due to a lack of medical documents. 

Fortunately, everything was in place this time, and he enjoyed the skydive of a lifetime!