WhatsApp calls now work in the UAE, hooray!

WhatsApp calls now work in the UAE, hooray!

22 Jun 2017

The app's free call feature was previously blocked in the UAE

The go-to messaging app WhatsApp is a staple among the majority of us. And as of now, you can now voice and video call via the app on when connected to WiFi or cellular data, for both domestic and international calls. Theses call functions were introduced on the app last year but had been blocked by the Telecoms Regulation Authority (TRA) as the UAE doesn’t permit the use of external VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers.

Is it a glitch? Who knows!

There has been no confirmation by WhatsApp or the RTA of unblocking these features permanently. According to Al Bayan, the UAE's Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) has said that there has been no change in the policy applied in the country concerning VoIP services. But as of this morning, the internet went crazy as the voice and video call functions appeared to be working across the UAE.

Either way, we are happy!

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