What's in Your Wardrobe?

Want to know what a touring singer packs in her suitcase? After her recent show in Doha, we persuaded Nadia Ali to show us and share her top tips for looking glam on the go...
Wednesday , 10 April 2013
Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali
She can actually dance in these
She can actually dance in these
Trusty knee highs for travelling
Trusty knee highs for travelling
Kelly thinks she looks more jet-lagged than Nadia
Kelly thinks she looks more jet-lagged than Nadia

Having just released her latest single, Carry Me, and completed her first tour of the Middle East, we caught up with Nadia during her 48-hour stopover in Doha just before she performed at W Hotel’s Crystal Lounge. Despite having travelled all the way from New York the previous day, she looked absolutely amazing – her hair was perfect, her skin was glowing and she looked as stylish as she always does – not easy to achieve when you’re flying all around the world and living out of a suitcase! Luckily, she was prepared to share some of her top tips for packing and travelling to help you avoid that crumpled, jet-lagged look.

Packing Essentials
• Always lay your clothes out on the bed before you put them in the suitcase, that way you can put outfits together in your mind and not overpack.

• Roll all your clothes up military style to save space and keep creases at bay.

• Stuff your socks right into the toes of your shoes – they’ll keep their shape that way.

• Don’t pack too much and think carefully about what you’re taking before you put it in the suitcase. Once it goes in the case, it doesn’t come out again.

• Always pack a pair of your fave jeans. A pair of jeans can be the staple piece to create so many looks, casual or smart.

• A pair of big black sunglasses is a must wherever you’re going – they can hide a multitude of sins including dark circles and eyes without makeup.

Travel Tips
1 Never wear heels to travel in – it’s not much fun walking through huge airports in heels. I wear comfy knee-high boots, which also help when it gets cold on the plane.

2  Layer up! They always turn the AC right up on planes so wear plenty of layers, including a scarf, which you can put on your head if needs be.

3 Try to just take carry-on luggage with you. This trip I am away for four weeks so that hasn’t been possible, but usually I just have hand luggage.

4 If you can help it, never travel alone. It gets so lonely when you’re far away from home, experiencing all these amazing places by yourself.

5  Don’t wear any makeup on the plane, it dries out your skin.

6 Always keep a pot of moisturiser and eye cream in your hand luggage.

Want to tell us what’s in your wardrobe? Email AhlanQatarEditor@itp.com with a picture of yourself and 50 words on your personal style and you could feature here.

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