What's on Kate Middleton's Baby List!

09 Jul 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

We reveal the top pressies on the Duchess of Cambridge’s indulgent baby pressie list!

She’s regularly spotted at her fave London department store, Peter Jones, in posh Sloane Square and even had a wedding gift list there so that her pals could treat her and her Prince to something nice.

It’s now rumoured the Duchess of Cambridge has also compiled a baby gift list at the upmarket shop! And it’s filled with lots of baby must-haves for friends and family to buy for the new royal heir.

So what’s on the list? Caroline Bettis, Buyer for John Lewis, the royal warrant-holding firm that owns Peter Jones, revealed what the poshest of tots are being treated to these days.

“Anything traditional is in,” she revealed, adding that things related the British author Beatrix Potter are a firm fave – especially anything from her most famous book The Tales of Peter Rabbit. We expect the royal baby to be snuggled up to a toy Peter and be read the book by Wills at bedtime. Cute!

When it comes to play time, we’re sure the Duchess will have popped some more traditional gifts in the form of wooden toys on her list. There’s even a cute little pull-along dog, which the tot will be able to take for a walk just like the family spaniel, Lupo!

Now we all know how much the Royal family love horses, and we’re certain a rocking horse is going to be firmly installed in the couple’s apartment at Kensington Palace. Peter Jones stocks a range of gorgeous rocking horse to get the wee one started in the saddle. We reckon it would be the perfect pressie for a mother-in-law to buy!

We’re sure Pippa Middleton will be a devoted aunt, and we reckon she’d like to get something pretty indulgent for her new niece or nephew as well as for Kate. We reckon a cosy blanket for those chilly London nights would be the perfect gift!

“Luxury blankets are always a good idea, and we do a really nice John Lewis heritage blanket that has a traditional feel,” said Caroline. “If you really want to indulge, I would suggest buying a lovely changing bag. When you become a mum you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your handbag! You can have a really lovely changing bag and we do nice leather ones by Storksak.”

So, what’s a doting uncle to treat his first niece or nephew to? Well we know how Prince Harry loves a joke, so we reckon he’d love to pick up some of the store’s skull-and-crossbones pyjamas if it’s a boy!

If it’s a girl, a doll is a must-have, and famous pram brand Silvercross has branched out into rag dolls. “We do one called Rosie and one called Bronte, and they’re very popular.” said Caroline. And we know how Harry likes the girls!

We think the Carole Middleton will pick up all the practical things – after all, her daughter is going to stay with her once she’s had the baby.

Caroline said parents will usually make up a comprehensive gift list that includes everything needed for the new arrival, and we suspect Mrs Middleton will have bought the lot.

She said: “Things like muslin squares you can put over your shoulder or use for mopping up are a must-have, changing mats, and everything for bathing your baby.”

And if the Duchess wants to pop back to London for the weekend, bedside cribs are essential. The Bednest has a drop-down side so mums and dads can sleep right next to their baby.

Meanwhile, poor Kate has had a difficult pregnancy, what with the drama surrounding her hospital stay for severe morning sickness at the early weeks.

So we think brother James Middleton should treat her to something for herself.

“If you really want to indulge the mum we do a really good range of products for mums-to-be called Bloom and Blossom,” said Caroline. “Oils and candles and that sort of thing.”

What about the hundreds of acquaintances the royal couple have made? They can’t go wrong by snapping up a traditional silver-plated gift such as a money box for the royal bubba to save up with! Whatever the new baby is gifted, we are sure it will be well and truly spoiled!