What's the Healthiest Airline Meal?

15 Aug 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Ditch the carb-packed choices for low-fat ones

Q What’s the best food to order when you’re flying? My friends told me I should order the special menu. Is it right that this is usually the healthier option? Tanya, 32
A. Most airline foods seem to be oily and full of carbs -  the appetizers are served with butter and white bread, and the desserts are full of sugar and fats.
I usually request a low-fat option for the plane as it is a lot healthier. Your meal is made of a brown bread roll, vegetable margarine, a very healthy low-fat, low-salt main dish – such as baked chicken breast, and boiled veggies and steamed brown rice. The dessert is usually a fruit or a low-fat pudding and the appetiser I tend to get is a salad with some salmon.
If your airline only gives you the basic choice of meat, chicken or fish, or you forgot to preorder, go for fish every time. It is low in fat, but high in protein. - HALA

Hala Barghout
BSc Nutrition and Dietetics. Hala will sort out the facts from the fads.

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