What Will Kate Middleton and Prince William's Royal Baby Be Called?

Kate Middleton's old school friend Jessica Hay reveals the baby names that the Duchess is favouring. Go on, take a guess!
What Will Kate Middleton and Prince William's Royal Baby Be Called?
Guess what Kate Middleton's baby will be called?

Britain's Duchess Catherine has "always loved" the name Diana. The Duchess and her husband Prince William - whose late mother Princess Diana was killed in a Paris car crash in 1997 - are planning to wait until their baby is born before giving it a moniker, but her old school friend Jessica Hay says there are particular names Catherine favours.

She said: "Catherine's been saying, as per her mother's suggestion, that she wants to meet the baby first and then decide. If it's a girl, Victoria is a favourite and, funnily enough, Diana is a name that Catherine has always loved."

It has been speculated that Catherine - who is also known by her maiden name of Kate Middleton - is expecting twins as she has been suffering from severe morning sickness, and Jessica says the couple would be thrilled if that were the case.

She told Australia's New Idea magazine: "Catherine would love twins and a lot of people in their circle in London say it could indeed be the case that she is expecting twins. If it were a boy and a girl, it would be a dream come true for them both."

And according to Jessica, Catherine and William have vowed to be hands-on parents with few household staff attending to their offspring.

She said: "There will be a house with a lot of laughter rather than staffed with nannies, governesses and butlers and so on."

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