What The Stars Are Eating at the SAG Awards

What The Stars Are Eating at the SAG Awards

26 Jan 2015

Wondering what’s on the menu? Wonder no more!

While everyone is obsessed mainly with what the stars are wearing at the SAG’s, we can’t help but wonder what they’re dining on, so after a bit of investigation and calling upon our friend Wolfgang Puck, who has devised the menu, here’s the lowdown!

To begin, the stars will be digging into a virtuous and A-list kale salad (natch), which will be tossed with dried cherries, candied pecans and goats cheese (and dressed in a zingy lemon vinaigrette), while mains include Moroccan-spiced chicken with lentils and chickpeas or a grilled salmon with truffle tomato vinaigrette, shaved fennel, rocket and a thin flatbread called lavosh. As is the current trend in Hollywood, the vegan diet is also being catered to with a wide variety of options - even more so than the carnivores and pescetarians!  The vegan menu includes alternative plates of heirloom carrots with red quinoa, fennel and hazelnut vinaigrette and endive salad with beets, blood oranges, kumquats and smoked paprika vinaigrette.

To wash it all down, some 600 bottles of bubbly will be served throughout the ceremony and the gala. There’s no word on dessert - but then again, it is Hollywood, and after all those bubbles we’re guessing calories have to cut somewhere!

Get our version of Kale salad here: