What Nicolas Cage Spent His Millions On!

25 Nov 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Fifty cars, 18 motorbikes, 13 homes, two albino King Cobras, two Bahaman islands...

Fifty cars, 18 motorbikes, 13 homes, two albino King Cobras, two Bahaman islands and a dinosaur skull... and that’s not even the half of it!

When you earn upwards of Dhs72 million a movie, how on earth do you suddenly find yourself “down a path of financial ruin”?

It’s a conundrum 45-year-old Nic Cage is facing after 18 years in the movie bizz, after he accused his former business manager, Samuel Levin, of squandering his fortune.

But sources have hit back at Nic’s claims, with one insider spilling, “I remember a bunch of us saying, ‘How many more magic tricks can Sam do to
keep Nic afloat?’ It was a house of cards.”

Want to know how a multimillionaire A-lister suddenly finds himself unable to pay his Dhs25 million tax bill? Read on...

Houses and islands
At the height of his earning power, sources say Nic owned 13 homes around the world including three castles in the UK and Bavaria, most recently spending Dhs90 million on a house in Newport Beach, California. And Nic’s Bel Air mansion – formerly owned by Dean Martin and Tom Jones – featured a billiards room with a 1955 Jaguar parked inside. He also splashed Dhs5 million on a home in Glastonbury, England, because it supposedly sat on a ley line, and snapped up not one, but two islands in the Bahamas.

Planes, yachts and automobiles
Sources claim that Nic owned over 50 cars at one point, including shelling out over Dhs1.8 million for a Lamborghini once owned by the Shah of Iran – and nine Rolls Royces.

“He had one of everything that was new and fantastic,” said a source. Adding that Nic also owned a Gulfstream Jet, 18 motorbikes and two yachts.

The weird stuff
Visitors to Nic’s Bel Air mansion have claimed that he had a collection of “shrunken heads”. And the Con Air star also famously outbid Leonardo DiCaprio to nab a Dhs1 million dinosaur skull at auction.

The actor also boasted a private zoo filled with super-expensive pure breed dogs, lizards, rare birds and two albino King Pythons.

Spendthrift Nic?

According to a close source, Nic’s financial woes stem from what he borrowed against his existing properties to buy more, and Samuel Levin’s counter-lawsuit states, “[By the time I was hired in 2001 Nic] Coppola had already squandered tens of millions of dollars… with no funds available to pay the tax debt.” And alleges that Cage spent Dhs118 in 2007 and needed to earn at least Dhs108 million a year to maintain his lifestyle.