Here's what made the rain possible in the UAE

Here's what made the rain possible in the UAE

11 Nov 2019

Residents across Dubai and other emirates experienced early morning drizzle followed by heavy rainfall and thunder yesterday, 10 November. Streets were clogged with water and the stores and parking lots at The Dubai Mall were flooded due to heavy downpour. 

Khalid Al Obeidii, the head of the cloud seeding operations at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), revealed that five operations have been carried out in the past 48 hours. More are taking place as clouds have been spotted over Al Ain and the Arabian Gulf.

It turns out, the UAE has been carrying out cloud seeding operations for more than a decade. It involves flying an aircraft to a cloud that has little rain droplets already present. The aircraft shoots salt flares into the cloud to enhance rainfall.

"Our plan is to keep going with cloud seeding because there are clouds in and around it. There are clouds over the Arabian Gulf and moving over the ocean. Our target is always to increase the amount of rain falling by 15 to 25 per cent."

He also revealed that the UAE has been using a high-tech ground weather modification system, which involves placing a ground generator on top of mountains to shoot salt flares up to the clouds. Impressive!

The northern parts of the UAE, Khor Fakkan, Fujairah, Kalba and Ras al Khaimah were hovered with dark clouds all day and also experienced strong winds, heavy rainfall and debris flying, trees uprooted and valleys flooded with water. These emirates were also issued red warning for the residents to stay safe and cautious for the upcoming days.

Social Media is overflowing with snaps and videos of residents enjoying the unusual weather.

Be safe, folks, and soak in the wet weather!