What I Know About...Contacting the Dead

25 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Fiona Day, 35, tells us about her connection with the spirit world

“I’ve always known I was different. As a child I’d hear voices telling me I was special; I wasn’t able to make eye contact with most people because I could feel so much of their soul if I did and it scared me. Most people thought it was because I was shy and had no confidence, but I know now it was because I have a connection with the spirit world.

It was a sunny April day three years ago when I realised I had this gift. I was sitting on my sofa talking to a friend when I started to feel dizzy and light, like I was floating. Everything went hazy and I saw the outline of a man’s shadow on the sofa behind us. The man was sitting down with his elbows on his knees and I blurted out, ‘Your grandfather’s sitting next to you!’ My friend stared at me in shock, but as I began to describe the way the shadow was sitting, he told me his grandfather never used to sit any other way and even had bald patches on his trousers’ knees.

I’d never met his grandfather; I just knew it was him. Because he was my friend’s family, I didn’t feel scared. Had I have seen a stranger sitting in my house I would have been terrified, but when I thought about it, I felt like I’d been experiencing these sightings for years. The spirits had been knocking on my door for a long time and that was the first time it clicked. It was all so new to me, I kept asking my friend, ‘Give me more questions to ask him!’ I grabbed a camera and took a picture. When we looked back at it a large white orb showed up in the photo above where his grandfather was sitting. In less than a minute, it was all over. I felt the spirit’s energy move away, he disconnected and I was back in reality.

After that day I began to cultivate my gift and started channelling all my energy into practising my connections with the dead. My poor friends! I’d chat to them on MSN messenger saying, ‘Are you free? Okay, I’ve got a message for you.’ Bizarrely, they weren’t surprised at how easily this came to me. They’d always known I was very spiritual and they actually loved the things I’d reveal; their favourite thing being when I do readings and ask the spirits what’s coming in the future. Our lives are like a book and we’re living chapter by chapter. The spirits can flip the pages, and they show me what’s ahead like a movie playing out in my mind.

Most people are intrigued when they find out about my special powers, although I’ve had someone walk away from me in fear. My family is very accepting and see it as part of who I am. And my two children have inherited my gift and are both like me – they’re very sensitive and I know they have my ability. Sometimes I’ll feel a presence and my daughter will say she can see a man sitting in her room as well, but she’s too young to realise the significance.

Some readings are so moving I feel completely drained afterwards. People always want to know if their loved ones that have passed are out there somewhere watching over them, and what wise advice and messages they have whether it’s about something current or about the past or future. But the sessions aren’t always about grief. One funny experience saw me tell a woman her grandmother insisted that she put proper curtains up. The woman burst out laughing – it turned out that she’d been using bin-bags as temporary curtains!

My head is always on high-alert as I can receive messages all the time. Going to supermarkets can be exhausting as there are so many people there, all with spiritual energy around them so it can be quite distracting. To ward off negative vibes I wear crystals as jewellery and keep some in my home and car. I’ve found that floating in the sea and sageing a room with incense are also good cleansing rituals.

There is rarely a switch off, though - spirits will come to me whether I’m getting my nails done or going for a run. Thankfully I’ve never felt in danger. The strangest place I’ve ever had a spirit appear was in a swimming pool with a friend; it was her late mother. I waited until we left before talking about it – it wasn’t the time and place.

As my readings took up more of my time I realised this was my purpose in this life. Now I do readings for people of all different nationalities and religions; some people even travel from other cities to come and see me. My skills have grown too. I’m now a certified reiki master and I once even felt the spirit of Zeus come to me during a healing session. It was incredible.

Contacting the dead is my passion. After a very emotional session, a woman once said, ‘Thank you for an amazing reading. You have an extraordinary gift and I’m happy the universe sent me to you. You’ve given me complete hope and peace.’ Knowing I can give others that kind of serenity makes it all worthwhile.”

INFO: For more information on Fiona’s work, visit fionaday.com