What I Know About… Having Breast Surgery

22 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

With enhancements in the UAE on the rise, Helen Karta, 29, talks us through her experience

What makes a great pair of boobs? Is it the size, and if so, what size? Is it the shape, and if so, what kind? It’s not a conclusion that you can get to quickly, and I should know, for it’s a subject I’ve been pondering for the past few months. I have always felt self conscious about my breasts and two months ago I finally did something about it; I had a boob job.

I have always been small. Today, aged 29 years-old, I’m a petite 5’2 and size 6 in clothes, so large breasts were never going to be part of my genetic make-up. Puberty came and went, and I was left the none too proud owner of a 32A chest. I didn’t hide my paranoia and unhappiness about it and regularly talked about how I wanted to have surgery, but being young and frightened, I never thought I could go through with it.

When I moved to Dubai five years ago though, something changed. Here, appearance is elevated and I was suddenly surrounded by the beautiful and the perfect. In a world where weekends are spent on the beach and dressing up in fabulous, flesh revealing dresses is de rigueur, my own insecurities were exacerbated. Down on JBR I couldn’t help but notice the women with ample cleavage while I lay there sunbathing and feeling like a boy. So, despite my fears, last October I started to investigate breast enhancement options in the UAE on Google.

After looking at websites, forums and YouTube clips, I decided to go with a company that flies surgeons into the Middle East from the States, and the American British Surgical & Medical Centre’s surgery in Deira looked ideal. In my opinion there are a lot of dodgy practioners out there, so I was prepared to spend that little bit more money to have peace of mind.

A week later, I found myself having a consultation with the Beverley Hills surgeon, Dr Marc Mani. He talked me through the procedure, measured me and asked me a lot of psychological questions, like why I really wanted the procedure and how I thought it would make me feel. My main concern was that I didn’t want my breasts to look fake; I wanted them to look as natural as possible. We decided that a 32C would be an ideal size, I agreed the fee of Dhs38,000 (all my Dubai savings!), and he booked me an appointment for February.

Over the next three months, I set about working out what kind of boobs I wanted. Every spare moment was spent researching different sizes, shapes (teardrop or round?), implant options (silicone? saline? hydrogel?) and textures (coarse or smooth?).

The week before the procedure I started to feel terrified but, thankfully, it passed by easily. After blood tests, chest x-rays and an ECG scan, I was taken into surgery. Because I was so flat chested, I didn’t have enough muscle underneath my breasts to slip the implant in easily, so the surgeon made an incision through my nipple. When I came round three hours later I felt a little groggy, but I had no sickness or pain.

I had the following week off of work and I felt tired and a bit numb, had to limit movements and sleep propped up on a pillow – not easy! Four days after the op I had the dressing off and stitches removed (the bandages and a strict supportive vest remained) and that’s when I couldn’t stop peering down my top at my brand new assets! It sounds silly but the confidence boost the operation gave me was instant. Almost immediately I started walking differently, with my shoulders back and my posture corrected. Today I love my new chest, the feeling of wearing non-gel bras for the first time is incredible and I can’t get over how clothes fit me so much better.

Statistics show that breast enhancements continue to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide, but while I would totally recommend it, I’d urge anyone to think carefully beforehand. It’s important to do your research - I believe you need a surgeon who will talk you through the psychological process, and someone who will say ‘no’ to you if need be. Also, you need to bear in mind that a boob job is not forever; you will have to get your implants replaced every 10–15 years. Lastly, while my surgery has boosted my self-esteem, you can’t expect it to make you a different person. As women we always think life will change if we lose half a stone, grow our hair, get a deeper tan and so on, but you will remain the same. There has been no great reinvention. I may now be the proud wearer of halter-neck tops, but inside I’m pleased to say, I’m still me.”

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