Yanny or Laurel audio clip auditory illusion break the internet sound confused the dress gold blue

What Do You Hear? Laurel Or Yanny...

16 May 2018

Is this internet breaking sound illusion the the new gold or blue dress?

Ahlan! Towers have been divided this morning, by a sound illusion that looks set to break the internet. 

Remember THE DRESS, the 2015 internet sensation that split us all when trying to work out if it was blue or gold? *cough it was gold* Well, this may just beat it... 

Thousands of people are trying to work out what this audio clip is saying, with some hearing "yanny", and others hearing "laurel". 

Check it out here... 

Once you hear "yanny" or "laurel" it doesn't seem as though you can hear the other word, which has left everyone scratching their heads! 

What do you hear? Ahlan!'s Farah hears "yanny", and wants to know how on EARTH you are hearing "laurel"... So, let us know @ahlanlive