What’s Rossi Reading: The Life of Psota

Rossi reveals what happened to an unlucky Czech tourist during a recent visit to Japan
Wednesday , 19 June 2013
What’s Rossi Reading: The Life of Psota

I love a good movie but I don’t think I would ever try to recreate my favourite film in real life! That’s exactly what Czech Tourist Martin Psota did in the sea between Taiwan and Japan. He was left stranded when his visa ran out and he didn’t have enough cash to buy a flight to leave. He decided to recreate the voyage from Life of Pi and set about building a raft made from Styrofoam and logs. All was going well until he actually set sail. It was then that the movie fan quickly found he lacked the fitness to row all the way to Japan – and then his raft began to fall apart! Authorities were alerted after they received a call from a fishing boat, then the coastguards plucked him from the sea after he was found clinging to a log!

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