Whale shark joins Abu Dhabi residents for a swim!

Authorities have urged swimmers to keep a safe distance from the shark
ByHend FadelTuesday , 10 November 2015
Whale shark joins Abu Dhabi residents for a swim!
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A baby whale shark was spotted in Abu Dhabi!

Only three months ago a whale shark made headlines when it was spotted swimming in the shallow waters of Dubai Marina. Now a baby whale shark has been spotted swimming around an Abu Dhabi beach.

Residents swimming off Al Raha beach spotted the baby whale shark and were concerned about their safety. Witnesses also saw the whale shark swimming up and down the channel at Amwaj in the Al Raha area, according to The National.

However, residents have been assured that whale sharks are harmless to humans. The Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD) said: "As planktivorous fish, whale sharks are considered harmless to humans and usually enter marinas or shallow waters for several days at a time, possibly to feed, before continuing on their migration route."

Although the whale sharks won't bite off your legs in Jaws style, the agency advises residents to avoid swimming alongside them due to their enormous size. Even a gentle brush with their tail can result in an injury. “While many residents might choose to swim with these animals, we recommend that they refrain from doing so. If they see a whale shark while in the water, swimmers are urged to keep a safe distance from them [at least four metres] so as not to disturb them,” the agency said.

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