Brunch review: Wet Deck W Dubai, The Palm

Brunch review: Wet Deck W Dubai, The Palm

08 Nov 2019

Epic pool party meets exquisite brunch on Palm Jumeirah

Pool brunches in the UAE can be a bit touch and go, as we all know. While the party may be pumping, the cuisine falls flat. Or vice versa. Worst of all, sometimes the pools become too crowded and you end up smelling like a wet dog (not naming any names). 

With the weather conditions finally suitable for a day of fun in the sun (was that the longest summer EVER or what?), we headed to W Dubai’s Wet Deck to see how it compares and how many boxes it ticks. 

Because surely a pool party can’t tick ALL the boxes of brunch perfection, right? Starting with the food, we were instantly impressed. Instead of tired chicken tenders and onion rings dried out in the afternoon sun (we’ve had bad experiences, can you tell?), the impressive brunch spread is presented on what can only be described as a long, long table from one end of the venue to the other.

Brunch review: Wet Deck W Dubai, The Palm

The selection is beyond fantastic – from healthy salad starters, freshly made pizzas and live seafood stations, to sushi, Asian cuisine and roasts, you won’t know where to start. All the dishes are freshly prepared and constantly replaced, which is exactly what you want from an outdoor brunch in the sun. The long selection of colourful dishes are so impressive, you simply have to do a time-lapse video, which is exactly what we did.

Another thing worth mentioning is that there are no pesky queues, which often happens in a long table setup. There is enough food, options and cooking stations for everyone, even when the brunch is fully booked. In fact, even the drinks stations, which are scattered across the venue, are fast and efficient. Because if there is one thing we HATE at brunch, is standing and waiting in queues for food and drinks. Time is ticking and we want our money’s worth (sorry, not sorry).

Then, there’s the party element. The music is good, but not too loud. The venue is packed, but it doesn’t feel claustrophobic in the slightest. The pool and its pool bar are busy, but you can still swim, socialise and easily order a drink. Plus, during our visit, everyone present looked like they came straight off a swimwear runway (Tip: if, like us, you feel intimidated, just hide your lower body in the pool all afternoon).

Brunch review: Wet Deck W Dubai, The Palm

There’s also some fun entertainment elements, like dancers dressed like butterflies and performers on stilts. You can even stop by a glam station and get glitter art done on your face or body.

Last, but not least, the actual location is beyond stunning. With the hotel situated on the less dense side of The Palm away from the rest of the madness, there is still an element of tranquillity. Of course, the turquoise waters and Dubai Marina skyline far in the background make for incredible Insta-snaps.

Brunch review: Wet Deck W Dubai, The Palm

So yas, it turns out it is indeed possible for a pool party to also be a perfect brunch. Well played, Wet Deck.

INFO: Wet Deck, W Dubai - The Palm. Fri 1pm-5pm, Dhs395 per person via, or Dhs445 at the door. Prices are inclusive of unlimited beverages and sun lounger access. Round beds and cabanas, from Dhs2000 including a selected bottle. 04 245 5555,