We're A Country of Wardrobe Wasters!

Almost half of UAE women admit to having at least five unworn fashion items in their closets
ByNaomi ChaddertonThursday , 21 January 2016
We're A Country of Wardrobe Wasters!

A staggering 43 per cent of women in the UAE admit to owning at least five unworn items in their wardrobe (with tags still intact!), with five per cent revealing they have over TWENTY untouched, unworn fashion splurges buried away, according to a survey commissioned by new UAE fashion marketplace app Shedd.

When asked how many brand new, unworn fashion items are currently hanging in their wardrobes, half of us aged 18-24 admitted to having at least five, compared to just over a third (34%) of those aged 35-39, suggesting fashion shoppers may become more discerning with age. In fact, almost one in ten of respondents aged 18-24 admitted to having between 20 and 50 unworn items with the tags still on, while in contrast, over half (53%) of respondents aged 30-39, of respondents in this age category having three unworn items or less.

Those assuming the most wasteful wardrobe owners earn a higher salary will be surprised to hear monthly income was not a deciding factor in the number of unworn fashion gems hidden away in respondents’ closets with 40% those women earning below Dhs6,000 per month holding at least five unworn items with labels intact, compared to 50% of women earning above Dhs20,000.

Emirati women appear to own the most new and unworn clothes, with 19 percent admitting to having at least 20 new and unworn fashion items in their wardrobes, compared to just three percent Asian women and two percent westerners.

The survey also revealed differing fashion hoarding habits across the emirates, with fashion-lovers in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi revealed as the biggest wardrobe wasters, with 35 percent of Sharjah women and 33 percent of Abu Dhabi women admitting to holding over five unworn fashion items in their wardrobes, compared to just 24 percent in Dubai.

Alex Hutley, Co-Founder of Shedd, comments on the recent findings: “The UAE is undeniably the biggest hotspot for fashion in the Middle East, with fashion lovers constantly on the lookout for latest trends, and upcoming fashions. Consequently, this means items are constantly being added to the average UAE wardrobe, most probably at a far faster pace than that of other countries, resulting in many wardrobes bursting at the seams and many fashion items being forgotten about and unworn. 

*YouGov survey of UAE women carried out between 14.12.15-21.12.15