Weight Watchers Points Plus

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Monday , 02 May 2011
Weight Watchers Points Plus
Jennifer Hudson

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WHAT’S INVOLVED: Technically this isn’t so much a diet, but more of a plan for eating healthily and exercising. It’s essentially about common sense and control, but who has that when cupcakes keep being delivered to your office (at least that’s what happens at Ahlan! – thank you cupcake people)? Weight Watchers have various programmes you can follow, allowing you to choose what’s best for you. This ‘Points Plus’ one is quite fancy-shmancy as it uses the latest in nutritional science, which looks at how your body actually processes food and then delivers a diet according to your specifics. Be aware that just because you’re on a diet, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to exercise. With Weight Watchers you’re encouraged to do both as part of a healthy plan. Unlike most other diets, you don’t eliminate food groups you merely reduce intake of bad foods and replace them with good ones. Simple, really.


  • To sign-up with Weight Watchers in order to get your individual programme and to get your booklet telling you how many points your food contains. This little guide will become your best friend throughout the diet

VERDICT: After losing 80lbs through the programme Jennifer Hudson is probably one of the best ambassadors Weight Watchers has ever had. The actress spilled, “The Points Plus programme gave the edge to make the right choices, to stay on track and never look back.”

Ahlan! reader Andrea Nagy Lee said of the programme, “It’s a great diet that encourages healthy eating with lots of fruit and veg. It’s very flexible as you can choose what you want to eat and don’t have to cut out any favourite foods. Just stick to your daily points allowance, and that’s hard to do without making the healthy choices most of the time. It really works, especially combined with regular exercise.”

Ryan Penny, Clinical Nutritionist and Conditioning Coach for The Wellness Brothers, shares his opinon: “This is arguably the best-known commercial weight loss programme that, in my opinion, has done both a lot of good and a lot of bad. The idea is very simple. Eat whatever you like, but limit the amount. It does this by means of a points system which restricts the amount of food you eat but frees you up to eat any type of food. A sort of ‘compromise’ system that can be very helpful for some people (eat less) but also self-defeating for others (eat junk). It is a system that plays into the hands of keeping the view of food being ‘fun’ dominant in the mind of the one wanting to lose the weight, which is not ideal for general health or long-term success. It’s like having points with which you can ‘buy’ whatever you want, but when your points run out for the day, you’re done.

In essence this is a system that makes it easier to exercise self-control knowing that you have more points tomorrow. This reduces the likelihood of over-indulging on junk, but not the replacement of the junk with healthier foods that your body was designed to thrive on. In fairness the idea is that people will make both the choice to eat less and to eat better. When this happens, I agree that the programme has a lot to offer. Never my first choice, but it does certainly help people exercise more self-control, which scores points in my book.”

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