This Week's Worst Dressed

24 Oct 2012

Best not dress like Fergie and Kim Kardashian. If they can't pull it off, we have no hope

Fergie’s paying homage to the Flower Power era in this mismatched outfit. But we’re not in the Seventies anymore! It all looks a bit messy.

Kim Kardashian
It’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian is in Best Not again this week. She keeps getting it wrong! The all-white look is about twenty years out of date and, once again, a size too small! We think it’s about time Kim got herself a new stylist!

Christina Aguilera
The bodycon dress is not a good look for Christina. It’s too tight on her curvy figure. Matching your hair to your dress is also a definite no-no!

Jennifer Lopez
Jen was out partying all night before this was taken. But even if she’s tired, we rely on her to always look fab and this casual look is a let-down!

Lea Michele
Looks like Lea forgot to finish off her outfit here, or simply decided to come out in undies instead! She is showing way too much flesh for the red carpet.

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