This Week's T'Town Coupledom

Ahlan!'s relationship report direct from Celebville featuring Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Mena Suvari and Salvador Sanchez
Tuesday , 23 October 2012
Scarlett Johansson & Sam Rockwell: On?
Scarlett Johansson & Sam Rockwell: On?
Mena Suvari & Salvador Sanchez: On?
Mena Suvari & Salvador Sanchez: On?

Scarlett Johansson & Sam Rockwell
A week after reportedly moving on with Domingo Zapata, Scar-Jo was spotted partying with Lawn Dogs actor Sam Rockwell! She’s sure loving singledom...

Mena Suvari & Salvador Sanchez
While most people who’ve just gone through their second divorce take time out to recover, Mena jumped straight back into dating with tattoo artist Salvador!

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