Weather warning: Should the UAE prepare for a CYCLONE?

Weather warning: Should the UAE prepare for a CYCLONE?

09 Jun 2015

Cyclone Ashobaa could be on its way here soon

Recently the weather has been hazy around parts of the UAE and now we know why.

A cyclone that has developed over the Arabian Sea is set to turn in to a tropical depression in the southeast of Oman just off Masirah Island. Cyclone Ashobaa, which started forming on Sunday, is set to move northwest and turn in to a deep depression (low atmospheric pressure) over the next 36 hours, which means it could well be on its way to the UAE.

Expect thunderstorms, strong winds and dust and even rainclouds over certain mountains. Reports are saying that it could cause intense flooding across the desert as it moves more through Oman. The country has already had two major cyclones in the past eight years: Cyclone Gonu and Cyclone Phet.

Over the course of two days, the weather has been partly cloudy in southern areas of Abu Dhabi and with dusty conditions in Dubai, the roads are more dangerous than usual. Winds have caused dust to blow across certain areas, reducing perceptibility to 2,000 meters in cities such as Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. There have been reports of heavy rain and hail near towns in Al Ain, which are also close to Oman. These conditions were likely to continue until Tuesday.