Weather Warning: Rainfall Over Next 48 Hours

Dust off the umbrellas as you could be using them soon
ByAriel Robinson Tuesday , 16 August 2016
Weather Warning: Rainfall Over Next 48 Hours
Expect rain over the next 48 hours...

Get the brollies and rain jackets out, as there is a chance of rainfall over the next 48 hours in the UAE.

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology announced that there will be ‘cloud formation’ that could result in some rain. Warnings have also been issued as dust or sand storms could mean low visibility especially on the roads so drivers have been told to be extra careful when driving.

Humidity could increase even more especially during the night and morning in certain coastal areas. Unfortunately the rain doesn’t mean that the temperatures will cool down as it will still continue to be hot with highs of 45 degrees.

We wish it’d be a little bit cooler but we welcome the change of weather!

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