UAE WEATHER: Fog and humidity here to stay

Here's what you need to know about the UAE's weather for the week
Tuesday , 06 October 2015
UAE WEATHER: Fog and humidity here to stay
It's definitely not winter yet!

Following the 100 flights that were delayed across the UAE yesterday, the fog caused almost 90 traffic accidents across Dubai on Monday morning with the Department of Command and Control receiving 860 road accident calls between 4am to 8am. Over 60 incoming flights at Dubai International Airport were delayed, 30 incoming flights were hindered at Abu Dhabi International Airport and another 17 flights were kept back at Sharjah International Airport, causing many passengers to be frustrated.

Heavy rain was also reported in Al Ain and foggy conditions are still expected in parts of the UAE today.

Despite the winter-like weather, humidity isn’t going anywhere, reaching 95 per cent, in certain parts of the UAE. Officials said that on Monday, the humidity level in coastal and internal parts of the country was between 80 and 95 per cent and is expected to continue at that level over the next week.

Brigadier Khalifa Mohamed Al Khaili, deputy director of the traffic and patrols director at Abu Dhabi police, said they are implementing an emergency plan during foggy conditions in collaboration with the departments of civil defence, ambulance and rescue services. They will also be implementing an awareness plan with messages that is set to warn drivers and advise safe driving during foggy conditions.

Be safe on the road, folks!

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