Weather update: It's a cool day in the UAE!

Temperatures and humidity are giving us a break today...
ByAndre NevelingSunday , 28 June 2015
Weather update: It's a cool day in the UAE!
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The weather is on our side today

Good news if you need a break from the scorching summer temperatures. Today, Sunday, is expected to be a cool day in the UAE, with humidity levels dropping significantly.

Weather experts predict it will be clear to partly cloudy over most of the emirates, with moderate winds expected. As usual, the winds are going to blow dust over parts of the northern emirates, leading to low visibility. 

As for temperatures, highs of 43 degrees Celsius can be expected in Abu Dhabi with slightly lower temperatures reaching 41 in Dubai. Temperatures in Dubai are expected to increase slowly over the next few days, with Monday’s highs at 42 degrees Celsius, and Tuesday at 43 degrees Celsius.

But don’t get too excited. Humidity levels are expected to rise tonight and will continue to increase throughout Monday.

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