We Try, You Buy

Who says you have to wear your hair up for summer? Luscious locks are just a salon away!
Thursday , 17 January 2013
We Try, You Buy

1 Botox for hair
The claim:
This protective hair treat promises Victoria’s Secret model hair by returning locks to their youthful glory. Specifically designed for dull, frizzy hair, the treatment focusses on restoring lost protein to the hair shaft, strand by strand. From roots to tips, your barnet is left looking a million dollars; straight, shiny and soft. Great to turn over-processed frizzy locks into a spectacular mane by working from the inside, out.
What we went through: The one hour and thirty minute treatment was a relaxing experience. A serum is applied to the hair then, according to the inventor, RG Cosmetics founder Roberta Gomes, “the molecules get extra busy by penetrating the hair shaft to seal gaps and breakages.” Vitamins and glossing agents are added to the serum to guarantee longer-lasting results than many other conditioning treatments, which tend to sit on top of hair strands, needing to be re-applied every time the hair is washed.
Does it deliver: I’m the proud owner of glossy, catwalk-worthy locks which I’m told will last up to three months. My usually strenuous morning hair routine is now down to a five minute wash’n’go.
The details: From Dhs1,500 depending on hair length.
Belle Femme Maison  (04) 437 0207  www.bellefemmeme.com

2 Kerastase Kera-Hammam Express
The claim:
With Dubai’s hot, hot summer, once luscious locks can spiral out of control. The heat and humidity causes hair to become dry and brittle, frizz-stressed and limp, with lifeless roots and ends as dry as the Emirati desert. The Kera-Hammam half hour treatment claims to be the perfect style saviour. Hair is nourished from root to tip with a conditioning treatment designed to be delicate enough to hydrate the scalp but strong enough to soften unruly, straw-like hair in need of elasticity. Very dry hair is easily detangled and left looking and feeling soft, shiny and supple.
What we went through: The hairdresser covered my hair section by section with the thick moisturising, hair treatment. I then sat under a hair steamer for 15 minutes before enjoying a very relaxing head massage, shampoo, condition and blow dry. It was such a relaxing experience and the whole intensive  moisturising treatment took just 30 minutes.
Does it deliver:  The treatment was fantastic, giving my hair instant boost and shine. I have very fine, frizzy and dry hair, yet even before the blow dry, I could feel a big difference. My hair felt thick and full of moisture immediately and continued to feel very soft a week later. It smells amazing and is a quick and effective fix. So much so, I’m now making it a monthly treat and my hair feels like it’s had an extreme make-over!
The details: Dhs250
Ritz-Carlton Dubai Marina  (04) 399 50163

Macadamia hair repair
The claim:
Macadamia natural oil hair care products are designed to repair and rejuvenate damaged and hard to manage tresses. Enriched with the natural nutrient-rich properties of both Macadamia and Argan oils, your hair will be revitalised into super healthy Jennifer Aniston-like locks, with a smooth and soft texture.
What we went through: My hair repair ritual began with a quick wash using Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo to prepare it for treatment. My stylist added some Macadamia natural oil extract to a deep repair mask, which was then applied to my freshly washed hair in sections. This was combed through from root to tip before I was treated to a super relaxing head massage, designed to help the treatment fully penetrate. A sleek blow-dry followed to ensure my hair was looking its best, with the whole treatment taking just one hour.
Does it deliver: The treatment certainly lived up to its promise. I left the salon with a glowing new mane which felt so soft to the touch. I loved the delicious after-smell of the products too. They smell so good you could almost eat them!
The details: The treatment itself costs Dhs150 while a blow-dry costs an additional Dhs80-170 depending on hair length.
Vanilla by Jelena  (04) 437 6010  www.vanillabyjelena.com

4 KeraStraight permanent straightening treatment
The claim:
Put aside the gas masks and chemicals ladies – a new straightening treatment is finally promising to not only leave you with permanently straight locks wash after wash, but also provide a simultaneous conditioning treatment.
It’s claimed you’ll be able to get ready for the day in minutes and look salon fresh every day, leaving more time for the fun stuff in life!
What we went through: Be ready for a long salon stay and multiple trips to the wash basin.  Firstly, hair is washed with special formula KeraStraight shampoo which opens up your the hair follicles to ensure the product is absorbed. The hair then has to be completely dried before the lotion is reapplied with a straightening comb through. It’s then back to the hair dryer before a hot iron is run through the entire hair length. 
This part was a little messy with my thin hair.  The straightening lotion applied made my hair tangle, so some pressure needs to be applied to get hair completely straight. Another 20 minute wait and its back to the wash basin, though at least this time hair can be conditioned! It was then back to the dryer for a final time, ending four hours in the chair, aided by a good book.
Does it deliver: For six weeks after the treatment, absolutely!  Having put away the straightening irons, I got so many compliments on my hair, which looked smooth and felt silky, and really healthy. While great for untameable hair, the treatment also works if you want simply want good condition and shine from your already straight hair.
The details: From Dhs1,000 depending on hair length, plus the cost of KeraStraight products which are essential post-treatment.
Pastels Ritz Calton  (04) 399 5016 

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