We Know What the Celebs Did This Summer

27 Aug 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

HOT PICS: From Katy Perry's poolside action to Rihanna up in the air, check out our A-list summer special

“Bottoms Up!”
Katy Perry discovered the joys of a sundowner in the pool on holiday in Miami.

We’re well jeal of Jess right now!
Jessica Alba spent her summer cooling off in the pool while on holiday in Italy, and we don’t blame her!

Peace Out
Teen lovebirds Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber got into the local culture in Tokyo and practised pulling the Japanese schoolgirl peace pose.

“Where’s my bodyguard?”
David Cameron’s wife Samantha is so protective of her daughter, Florence, that while on holiday in Majorca she made her wear inflatable arm bands on the beach as well as in the sea!

“Get me down, now!”
Rihanna was doing so well at giving off a tough girl impression until she went parasailing in the south of France. We’ve finally found her weakness, other than Chris Brown – heights!

Making a run for it!
Model Alessandra Ambrosio’s daughter Anja Mazur chose this opportunity on Malibu Beach in LA to finally get away from her mum!

Wild Lads’ Vacay?
Elton John, David Furnish and Neil Patrick Harris spent their hols taking their kids (and one elderly lady) out for afternoon strolls in St Tropez. Crazy summer, guys!

Big Boys’ Toys
Simon Cowell spent his summer showing off on his toys in St Tropez, but no number of uber-pricey jet skis will make us forget about his age – 52 – or his square head.

Jedward’s biggest fan
Tara Reid just couldn’t get enough of the Jedward twins this summer! The actress hung out with them on the beach in St Tropez and then followed them to Ireland! Talk about obsessed...

Battle of the Shades
Could Whitney Port and her girlfriends look any more glam sunning themselves on hol in Missouri, USA?