Ahlan! Interview: Shy Guy Singer Diana King Ahead of Her Dubai trip!

Diana King’s performing at The Big Grill as part of Dubai Food Festival, and we caught up with her at her Florida home
BySarah SwainMonday , 24 February 2014
Ahlan! Interview: Shy Guy Singer Diana King Ahead of Her Dubai trip!
Diana King

Jamaican singer Diana King shot to fame in 1994 with her first single, Shy Guy, which became an international hit and featured in the film Bad Boys. The 43 year-old had more smaller hits and will perform in Dubai this weekend! We called her for a chat!

As well as performing at The Big Grill, what do you want to do in Dubai?
I have this new thing where I want to see the sunrise in different places, so I’d like to do that. 

You are performing with UB40 and No Mercy, who have a similar reggae sound. Have you played with them before?
I’m excited to see them – our paths have never crossed! These types of  90’s shows I do, I get to meet the people who I like.

You are gonna be singing at a food festival, so what’s your fave food and what do you cook?
Barbeques! It’s good as I’m performing at a grill! I’m the type when we’re in the kitchen and everyone says' there’s nothing to cook', I’m the type to be able to make something. I have Indian background and Jamaican, so maybe I'd make some curry

If you could cook a dinner party for three people, dead or alive who would you cook for?

President Obama, Oprah, and Adam Levine – I love him.

What’s been your highlight of your career?
Shy Guy. I used to get Billboard Magazine every month and I remember one month I looked at the charts and Shy Guy was on every chart in the world. Just talking about it now I get goose-bumps! I didn’t even want to release that song, but I was out-voted by the record company.                                                                                              

Does it still get a big reaction when you perform it?
Always, it’s amazing. I have all kinds of versions reggae, dance.  It’s just fun to sing it, sometimes I have to sing it more than once, and it’s really cool.

You worked with the late Notorious B.I.G – what was that like?
It’s just doing something without realizing what you’re doing it, at the time no one knew who I was, no one knew who he was, except people in the local area. Next thing you know he’s this huge star.

Who would you like to work with?

Tell us about your tattoos. We hear you have one on your forehead?
I got it 1998. It means love. I put it on my forehead so I couldn’t miss it when I look in the mirror, if I’m feeling down. I also have wings on my back.

What are your ambitions?
I have my own label and I would like to have other artists on it. It’s all funded by me, so it’s very challenging but it feels good.

INFO: Dhs350, 28 Feb, 1pm-11pm, Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, 052 990 0112, www.facebook.com/SundanceLIVE

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