We Can't Believe Why Mischa Barton Got Charged $200,000

The OC actress needs to get her priorities straight!
BySurena ChandeMonday , 22 August 2016
We Can't Believe Why Mischa Barton Got Charged $200,000
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We don't think Mischa will look this chirpy after seeing what she owes in legal fees!

Now we’re all guilty of pulling a sickie or skipping a day or two of work for a vacay, but those missed days off work are hardly likely to amount to $200,000!

Unfortunately, Mischa Barton wasn’t as lucky because that is the sum she currently owes in legal fees to Daniel Lief after she skipped the start of his movie project, Promoted, to holiday in Europe.

In another amusing twist to the story, it was allegedly The OC star’s mother who informed Lief that her daughter would miss two weeks of filming due to her holiday – we wish we could get our mums to send our sick notes and holiday request forms to work!

Why the hefty legal fees? Because the screenwriter allegedly had to recast Barton’s role and delay movie production, which he says cost him over $300,000.

Ouch! Now that is an expensive holiday. 

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