Wayne Rooney was dropped as the face of Coca-Cola after cheating on his wife Coleen

Wayne Rooney dropped from Coca-Cola ad

03 Oct 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Why his sponsors branded him “disgusting”

Wayne Rooney has been dropped from a multi-million dollar ad campaign by his sponsors Coca-Cola after they discovered his recent “disgusting” behavior. The footballer admitted to cheating on his wife, Coleen while she was pregnant with their first child and it’s cost a lot more than he bargained on.

Head bosses at Coca-Cola in the US have said that “the executives at head office in Atlanta wanted to drop him straight away. They were bewildered by the stories and found reports of his conduct disgusting.” Luckily for Wayne Coca-Cola in the UK were able to make the US executives change their mind and only drop him from the new ad so he was able to keep the rest of his sponsorship.

Wayne who earns £600,000 (Dhs3.5mil) a year from the famous drink brand was cut from a deal that was set to feature his face on the side of thousands of cans around the world. “In the end, they (Coca-Cola US) changed their whole campaign for Coke Zero, which must have cost a ¬fortune. Wayne’s face was going to be on the side of every can and bottle but now it will not be.”

A spokesperson for the brand said “Coca-Cola is a family-friendly company and Wayne Rooney was brought on board to appeal to young people, ¬specifically young men and teenage boys.” However “last month we amended our ¬marketing plans on Coke Zero. Given the situation at that time we did not feel it was appropriate to run an on-pack promotion ¬featuring Wayne Rooney.”

Wayne and Coleen Rooney are currently seeking counseling to put their marriage back on track.

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