Coleen and Wayne Ronney spotted jet setting around the world

Wayne Rooney’s Dubai Bill

25 Oct 2010

Inside look at holiday snack food of England's highest paid footballer

It’ll be chicken nuggets for Wayne Rooney, thank you.!

According to a spy the highest paid English footballer and his wife, Coleen, 24, have been spending up a storm on food during their Dubai stay. The couple who are reportedly staying at the Burj Al Arab were spotted yesterday (October 25) ordering lunch while chilling out poolside. The bill? Dhs1,570. The order?
Chicken nuggets and chips for Wayne: Dhs144
Drinks for Coleen: Dhs820
More chips: Dhs46
Chicken Sandwich for Coleen: Dhs144
Drinks for Wayne: Dhs416

The Rooney’s jetted to Dubai on Saturday night (October 23) to spend a five-night stay in the Arab Emirate after Wayne signed a new football contract earning him a cool £200,000 (Dhs1.1mil) a week.

Wayne was supposed to be celebrating his birthday this weekend which he splashed £90,000 (Dhs518,000) on but Coleen called guests at the last moment to cancel. The pair jumped on an Emirates flight on Saturday night and have so far just been lounging by the pool.

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