Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower!

Go star-spotting this evening
ByAriel Robinson Thursday , 11 August 2016
Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower!
Stargaze this weekend

Admire a ‘rare shooting star outburst’ tonight as the Perseid meteor shower will take to the skies.

Stargazers can watch the annual meteor shower, which is at its peak according to astronomers, tonight and over the weekend. If you’re planning to take a look at the shower, experts say its best to watch between 12am and 3am. Make sure to find an area far away from bright lights for the full stargazing experience.

“There will be 200 to 300 shooting stars per hours. This outbursts don’t last long. It might last an hour or a couple of hours,” astronomer Mark Bailey of the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland said.

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