Watch Out, Lindsay Lohan

After LiLo was accused of orchestrating the severe beating of Paris Hilton’s little brother, the hotel heiress swears revenge
ByJJ AnisiobiWednesday , 11 December 2013
Is Lindsay behind
the violence?
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Is Lindsay behind the violence?
Paris wants to 
settle the score
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Paris wants to settle the score
Barron Hilton showed off his injuries
Barron Hilton showed off his injuries

She’s starred in her fair share of lighthearted comedies, but Lindsay Lohan has allegedly been acting more like fictional gangster Scarface after accusations flew around that she’d used her underworld connections to have Paris Hilton’s little brother beaten to a pulp! 

Lindsay’s current saga is stranger than fiction as the Mean Girls actress has apparently been leading a double life, hanging out with celebs like Kim Kardashian by day, but ordering her button men around at night to do her bidding as she takes control of the Miami Beach party scene.So far the only victim of Lohan’s powerful influence down on the coast is Paris’ little brother, Barron, who was hospitalised after claiming he’d been beaten up in an attack ordered by the fiery redhead. The Hilton heiress’ 24-year-old sibling was taken from the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida, to a medical centre on Friday night and given a CT scan to check for internal injuries. A source told gossip website that the hotel heir was advised to seek emergency medical treatment because his wounds, including several cuts to his face, were so severe. 

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