WATCH NOW: Logan Paul's Dubai diary

WATCH NOW: Logan Paul's Dubai diary

13 Nov 2017

The social media star brought the city to a complete standstill during his visit

Wouldn’t you love to have millions of fans swooning over you from all parts of the world? At age 22, social media mega superstar Logan Paul is living proof that anything is possible, thanks to the internet and social media.

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On Saturday 11 Nov, The Dubai Mall saw thousands of fans gather at the Dubai Ice Rink for a meet and greet session with the YouTube sensation who has over 47 million followers overall on social media platforms.

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Being Logan’s first-ever visit to Dubai, he made the most of the experience by visiting all the top tourist spots. He was spotted at Zero Gravity, Base Dubai and Skydive Dubai, where he jumped off a plane from 13,000 feet above the Palm Jumeirah. He also made a secret stop at ITP Media’s offices in Dubai Media City, where he met even more fans.

Check out the video below of Logan’s unforgettable trip to the UAE. Come visit us again soon, Mr Paul!